brand new emotion

She stands before you naked, nervous and excited and fearful and hopeful and desirous and wanton and vulnerable — all of those at the same time, all boiling together in a chemistry of a new emotion, a submissive feeling too complex to be reduced to a simple name.

The emotion fills her eyes, which glisten with inexpressible joy to be in the slave place you’ve put her. The emotion sits behind an ambiguous Mona Lisa smile that flickers with excited apprehension about what you will do to her. The emotion fills her breasts and floods her nipples in trembling preparation to receive your touch, whether a gentle fondle or cracking slap.

The emotion fears that which might happen as much as it fears that it won’t happen. The emotion ebbs and flows, recedes and advances, receives and gives all at the same time. The emotion makes her quiet and passive in her submissiveness, yet eager behind that surface, silently begging.

As you take her, as you command her, as you do her, as you disgrace her, and as you defile her, you will bring her to tears — not of brokenness but pouring from this impossible emotion — tears of feeling everything in one brilliant, overwhelming moment in time…

As she is flooded by you.

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