what would you dress Shae in?

The other night, over white wine and yummy smoked Gouda, Amanda and I were talking. She mused about other things she might do with me.

Of course, I well know when she says “things to do with me,” she means “things to do to me.” I said I thought she had met her quota for the year and “I’m already a thoroughly dominated girl, if you hadn’t noticed” and, like, it wasn’t really necessary to dream up more stuff for my slave life. “I’m not bored,” I said.

But that didn’t seem to hinder her reach for more dom creativity.

Her latest is this idea of having other people dress me for a day. “We could open this up to the neighbors,” she said. Apparently one of our neighbors had asked what Amanda was going to dress me in for the BBQ party, and Amanda responded to him by asking, “What would you dress Shae in?”

The idea was born.

She went on: “They could specify a particular day, and describe an outfit — skirt, top, or maybe a dress, shoes — what sort of ‘look’ they’d like to see you have. I would buy the clothes to match the look they want, and we would that day go over to their place for a visit. You could model for them.”

I said I didn’t think neighbors would be so inclined to play along. Of course, that was perhaps my own wishful thinking.

“You be surprised,” Amanda said. “At worst, it would be a simple reason for a social getogether. But maybe it would draw them into the fun of our D/s lifestyle.”

She likes a bigger playground. Sigh. I love her to death and will submit myself to her till the end of time, but there are differences in our preferences, and this is one. I would prefer a more private slavery. She wants to share me with the whole world (and maybe some ETs outside our world).

I still wasn’t sure if this was a real thing or a fantasy idea for her. She says things often just to ride me. But this sounded real. There was no question that Amanda, the queen of woo, could get neighbors to play. I just thought that “Dress my girl Shae” was a little lame. But I didn’t say that.

“Maybe,” she said, “we combine this with tea times. Once a month. We schedule the neighbor for tea, and along with that ask them to dress you, so to speak. You’d wear that outfit to teatime. Eventually, the whole neighborhood would have their experience of you.”

“I feel like I’m being crowd-sourced,” I said.

Amanda looked at me with a knowing grin. “You’re just realizing that now?”

I shook my head at her, holding back a smile. “I’m going to shut up for a while.”

“You don’t think it’ll work.”

“Oh, I know it’ll work. You can make anything work. You’ll get people to play along. I have no doubt about that.”


“But, for one thing, most people don’t have the fashion sense that you do. They won’t know what to ask for. It’ll be “a top and a skirt” and “I like blue.”

“I’ll coach them a little to get more specific, to think about your look and the whole outfit. I’ll give them time to decide. I think they’ll have fun with it, once they’re invited to dress you in their fantasy… So you said ‘for one thing.’ What’s the other thing?”

“I imagine some will just say they don’t want me to wear anything.”

“Which would be fine,” Amanda said with a straight face, “but there would still be shoes and accessories for them to choose. Maybe a waist chain with a dangle hanging down to your pussy…”

I opened my eyes wide, then realized, at least in this, she was teasing.

Amanda laughed. “Of course I will have some ground rules. They’ll have to specify a whole outfit.”

So then I was thinking that this is just an extension of her dressing me each and every day. She would just be freelancing this one thing on occasion to others, maybe for teatimes. “What would you dress Shae in?” was maybe no big deal.

Amanda went on to say she thought it would be interesting what outfit people chose. It would, she felt, reveal something about each neighbor — why did they choose this particular outfit for me?

“You’ll be a conversation piece,” she said.

What would you dress Shae in… and why?

9 thoughts on “what would you dress Shae in?

  1. Wow I feel like a kid in a candy store! Heels of course, classic black or red 120mm Louboutin pumps, Latex mini skirt and top or short latex dress, cuffs and of course a nice metal collar. Also feel free to accessorize with the assorted clamps and other intimate things. Phew!


  2. This will be fun! My suggestion would be the following: nude except for a black lace garter belt with black seemed Wolford stockings. Black patent leather stiletto heels. At least 1 inch wide black leather collar with sturdy silver O ring in the front with a matching silver small padlock in the back with matching wrist and ankle cuffs. Accessories would include clover clamps on your nipples.

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  3. It is a bit far-fetched to call ourselves neighbors, but we “know” each other quite well anyway. So I’ll set up a suggestion that might work when I come by in a while. Shae, you miss wearing skinny jeans, so here’s my suggested outfit. A body painter comes to their door, this artist will put on blue worn jeans, a bra with an American flag, a collar in red, white and blue. Amanda finds suitable shoes. An hour later I arrive in an old, but shiny, Cadillac and look at the result of my contribution. You serve me a black cup of coffee …….

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  4. I imagine you would be stunning barefoot in a flowing Navajo print skirt and topless wearing an ornate squash blossom necklace to accent your breasts.  Simple yet elegant.


  5. … and why? at least you got an insight into how your readers or maybe better; followers, will see you. Full nudity is tame in the long run, although my post may indicate otherwise. I can illustrate this with a well-experienced event, it must be via e-mail


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