party planning

I had written this yesterday morning and had thought I’d posted it, but apparently not. I send it now anyway, even though the BBQ party already took place last night. I’ll write up a report on the party evening later today…

Today is our neighborhood BBQ party, long awaited not only because it was rescheduled from August, but because this is the fruition of almost two years of a dream Amanda has had.

That dream started with finding this house in this area of the foothills, selected in part because of the types of people living here, people who might hopefully be open-minded about our lifestyle. That dream was interrupted by COVID, limiting Amanda’s contact with people for most of a year. She persevered, and gradually made connections, developed the relationships, and wooed the neighborhood one by one into our world. This evening is the first time the neighbors will be together with Amanda and me, our D/s life on display. This is her dream.

Amanda has decided to have me fully dressed at the beginning and, of course, collared. She wants neighbors to feel comfortable as they walk in, and not awkward about my state of presentation.

She intends later in the evening to have a kind of “demonstration” of me — to call the neighbors around in a circle on the patio, to share more about our daily D/s life, and to answer questions. This will be a time, she tells me, when she partially undresses me in front of them, leashes me, and shackles my wrists behind my back.

I am strangely copacetic about this, for some reason. I suppose that, despite the humiliation this will be, I would rather my submissive nakedness be out in front of them all rather than conducted in furtive walks with Amanda at dusk. This party tonight won’t change my feelings of exposure and humiliation when we encounter a neighbor on such a walk, but it should take away my fears of giving offense.

The other new wrinkle Amanda has in mind to try tonight is having me wear a waist tray. She bought one, and it seems sturdy enough, but she will have me wear it today as practice.

More later… we’ll see how this goes…

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