brief absence

I had hoped to do this without referring to it here. I haven’t wanted to make it a major disruption, but it seems I need to say something about it after all.

Some days ago, I flew to Pennsylvania to be with my mother. It was an unplanned visit — mom had to go into the hospital for a “procedure.” While this was sudden and it was important she get the procedure ASAP, it was actually not dire or all that serious. She said it wasn’t necessary for me to be there — it was an out-patient thing — that she would be fine. I said it was still surgery, and might require more of a recovery than she was assuming.

Amanda insisted I go out to be with her, practically ordering me to do so. She and my mother have developed, oddly, a trusting relationship — you might go back to this post and this post where I wrote about it — and it was Amanda’s insistence that my mother listened to.

So I made the trip. My mom went through the procedure just fine, and her prognosis is good, but indeed she was very tired for the next day or so. Still is. It was good that I came here to attend to her.

I am still here, and likely will be for another few days, a little longer than I had originally intended.

All’s well.

13 thoughts on “brief absence

  1. I’m glad to red your mother is doing okay, Shae. I hope she will recover soon. Life happens, don’t force yourself to write. Yourself and your loved ones should be a priority, always 🙂

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