schedule musings

My visit to my mom in Pennsylvania threw off the fall schedules — my planned times with Master McKenna and Kevin through the end of the year. Amanda is busy trying to reschedule me with each of them.

This is complicated because it’s not so easy as dropping me into their worlds when I am available. They have schedules too, personal commitments and work duties that must be worked around. This has become especially true for Kevin, who for work reasons has had to reschedule me many times. With Master McKenna it isn’t so much an issue — his intention has always been to incorporate me into his work life as an assistant, albeit a slave assistant “with benefits.”

Amanda has been facing the challenge of changing my “terms of service,” so to speak, with each of the men. Master M wants more of me, and Amanda has determined that Kevin should get less of me. My mother’s condition, while normal for now, may require more of my attention and additional trips east.

Amanda is now saying my quick trip to PA was a blessing in disguise. She is now able to tell the men that my current scheduling pattern has become unworkable and changes need to be made.

As I think I’ve reported before, Amanda was thinking of terminating my visits to Kevin entirely. That’s a longer discussion, which I think I’ve gotten into before on my blog.

I told her I would regret not being with him any more. I have become comfortable in my place in his life as courtesan-escort, and serving him personally and sexually. I like him a lot. I have reiterated to her the additional regret that she does not permit Kevin to dominate me. But at the same time, I’ve said the nearly six- hour drive to visit him is tedious.

Amanda is thinking all this through. She says she’ll have her plan for me in all this in the next day or so…

I kind of think the advances Amanda has made with the neighbors, as well as the successful BBQ party and my coming out to them, so to speak, has given Amanda a fresh way of conducting my slavery herself here at home.

Her work is still demanding of her time, but “fun with the neighbors” is a new dimension of her with me, and I think she now is wanting more time with me herself. Adding into that my possible PA trips going forward, Amanda is all the more reluctant to give me to Kevin nearly five days a month.

As for Master McKenna, I feel like it’s been a light-year since I was with him.

My training under him started by conditioning my mental subservience to him (the physical etiquette practices, I know now, were really a means of controlling my mind and will). It then became more sexual with him (I wrote two parts of that, but there’s a third). And most recently it started to become more physical, with constraint and bondage and the introduction of punishments.

I mention this because I am aware I very much need this physical dimension of being enslaved, the experience of being mastered bodily. Amanda by her own admission does not have the will for that. Kevin is great with me in the bondage room but is not permitted to have my body that way. So, I wonder to what degree Master McKenna will take me into this area of “heavy lifting” and the manhandling of me…

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