bay window, Saturday

Late yesterday afternoon, Mistress A had me undress. She called me to join her in the dining room. There, she put wrist cuffs on me.

“Climb into the bay window,” she ordered, “facing out.”

I looked at her for probably a little too long, a hesitation that I know annoys her, yet I was not really understanding. I finally obeyed, sliding into the window area on my knees.

She noticed my slight delay in responding: “You have to work on that girl.”

“Yes, Miz-A.”

“I want you squatting, not kneeling… your thighs opened.”

I balanced myself so and spread my thighs.

Mistress left for a moment, returning with a step-stool from the laundry room. Climbing up a couple of rungs, she attached my right wrist to an eyebolt in the top corner of the bay. She repeated the process with my other wrist on the other side.

All of this was a surprise to me, her using the window this way with me. And, how did the eye bolts get there?

The bay is about five feet wide and six feet tall from ceiling to the bottom bed. It has a a triptych of panes — the wide center pane facing out and two narrow panes on either side at forty-five degree angles.

It juts out, overlooking our back yard — the small hill on one side and the ridge farther back and curving around the mountain. In any other situation, I’d consider it a lovely view and would suppose it to be a bit of a shame we had blocked it off for so long with office files and household fodder. But in this moment, I wasn’t so focused on the aesthetics of architectural features.

I was, however, beginning to be grateful for little things: it faces our back yard not our front and is therefore private.

Mistress opened the two side windows. “I think you’ll need some air in there,” she said.

“Are you planning this to be my permanent keeping place?” I asked with a touch of snark, trying to make light of my windowed nudity.

She said nothing, but left to fetch something, which turned out to be a ballgag that she installed deep in my mouth. “You’re too jabbery this morning,” she said.

So much for snarky retorts.

Mistress went outside, walking around the patio to stand in the grass some twenty yards out to observe her artwork. She perched at different spots, on either side and close and far.

This now felt different with her watching, with me in the bay facing out, with a window framing and revealing me. I felt kept and presented at the same time — merchandise shown to the public. I was like a mannequin in a department store window.

Suddenly she was no where in sight. At first that seemed to matter, but then not so much. I was left in my thoughts.

I wondered if Amanda had this idea even before we cleaned out the dining room. Was this her intention all along? Or was this a discovery that came to her as I myself was unburdening the bay from its junk?

My ballgag was getting wet with my saliva, and some collected at the corner of my mouth. It dripped down onto my left breast, sliding toward my nipple. I realized that, by pulling myself up slightly, my chained arms could take some weight off my spread thighs.

I wondered if Amanda installed the eyebolts herself, or if somehow she had Blake come in to install them. Yes, he probably did this,while I was in Pennsylvania, equipping yet another part of the house for my humiliation.

She wanted this to be a secret. She wanted to surprise me with it.

Amanda returned in about fifteen minutes, appearing again in the back yard..

With her were John and Patricia Miller. I could hear them as they talked. Amanda led them from the patio into the grass. She turned them toward the bay window.

“Oh, my,” Patricia said.

There they observed me naked, my arms chained to the ceiling, my thighs spread, and my pussy, shaven and bared. My labia were wet and glistening in the golden light of the setting sun.

I turned my head to the side, looking down.

John said, “Well done, Amanda.”

17 thoughts on “bay window, Saturday

    1. yes, nora, the Millers had a fun evening “at the drive-in,” as they put it… and Amanda is ever creative (grr). someone should tell her she can stop now. but “reducing me to a pretty object,” yes, and thank you. 😎

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  1. Shae, Picasso of writing you are wonderful. This is erotic brushwork, I can clearly see you squatting there in the window, low sun makes your precious drops shine. You are squatting for a long time, will the spectator look up at you? Do you see using your hands to relieve your legs and thighs, can you get up without being punished by Miz-A?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nudo, yes, Miz A allows me to stand up at times. She isn’t making me endure agony the whole time. I’m not in discomfort. Since that night, she has also had me sit on a small stool. thanks for your concern… 🙂

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  2. A few more questions, bay window, saturday: I’m wondering, Miz-A undresses you and asks you to meet her in the dining room. Do you then meet in high heels and collar, (if you wore it when you received the order), or completely naked without any of this?
    Squatting for a long time is stressful on the knees and thighs, what is your experience, is it less stressful with high heels on than barefoot?

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    1. nudo, thanks for the questions… I am almost always wearing a collar these days. I am frequently in high heels but not always. In any case, when Mistress calls me, I go to her immediately as I am, in whatever I’m wearing. Since I don’t know how she’ll be using me, I wouldn’t presume to dress or undress before I go to her… Yes, squatting is stressful, but when she has me in the bay window, Mistress allows me to stand or kneel or even sit on a stool sometimes. However, my thighs have become a bit more conditioned when I am squatting before Kevin and in my training with Master McKenna, so I can handle this for periods of time… As for high heels, I think everything you do in high heels is stressful to a woman’s feet, ankles, thighs. But high heels can pitch me forward slightly when I’m squatting and that can help my balance….

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  3. Q&A ? The showcase has now had Shae exhibited quite often, according to slave Shae. Has it been communicated to the neighbors so that you have had spectators? Is there often someone who has their walks on the trail and has been able to enjoy your naked beauty?

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