Miz A now has four locations within the house in which to stage my humiliations. She is making her funhouse. She’s quite pleased with herself.

There’s the entryway wall to which I can be shackled and affixed.

There’s the wet bar, to which I can be spread atop of and hooked into.

There’s the easy chair. which has short chains underneath that can be used to put me in a sitting bondage.

And now there’s the bay window.

Amanda’s desire is to have bondage devices in the house to use on me without anything looking like it’s a bondage device. These all are part of the decor, the bondage attachments hidden or camouflaged to be undetectable.

She has been very clever.

Among the four, the easy chair is the one that seems to have the least purpose. Amanda doesn’t it use it that much. The main point of it, I suppose, is to arrange me spread-eagle so that my pussy is open and gaping. However, the chair is too low for it to position me at a good level for anyone else, say, of the male persuasion to do things to me. It is more of a “lesbian chair,” so to speak, but Amanda will never kneel before me to service me that way.

She has tried to reverse me in the chair — that is, have me facing into the chair, my ankles parallel to and atop the chair arms, my breasts flattened against the back of the chair. This makes my ass face out rearward, which in itself is the kind of humiliation Amanda desires for me. The bonus for her is that it places my head atop the back of the chair facing out — which gives it a rather diabolical usage-opportunity for people using my mouth for “various things.”

To be clear, so far the chair hasn’t been used that way on me.

The chair’s installed chains can be used to bind me into the chair this backward way — they do work, sort of. However, my ankles resting on the chair arms are a bit unstable. The arms are a bit too narrow and rounded, making my shins slide off. It’s doable, but not the rock solid bondage Amanda wishes.

Amanda is considering another chair that sits higher and has flatter, broader arms.

Amanda installs me into the wet bar about once a week or so. The entryway wall, the first of the devices to be created, is used less often, but sometimes. That has yet to be used for a party, but it will be. And like I say, the easy chair is hardly used at all.

Her current toy is the bay window. Amanda has perched me there now twice since Saturday night.

She told me she wants to get a mini-easel for the corner of the bay window and put on it a placard that reads “Slave Girl. $24.99. Marked down to $18.88.”

“Ha, ha,” I replied.

She will do it too.

Miz A says she has another idea in the works. At the conceptual stage.

I told her, “You should stop now. There are enough rides in this Disneyland.”

She didn’t reply but simply flashed her wicked little smile.

12 thoughts on “quartet

  1. Miz A would love our bedroom I’m sure, Shae, designed entirely by yours truly. The marital bed is fitted out with an under-the-bed restraint system which stays in place for use whenever we so desire, the coat hooks which hold our dressing gowns are detachable, making room for vertical play space (ideal for flogging etc), the unassuming tea light holder in the middle of the room is part of a play time ritual, it’s prominence in the centre of the room is to remind me each morning that my submission is central to who I am. The five-drawer tallboy next to it hosts a broad array of various toys, from cuffs and blindfolds to vibrators and butt plugs and all of his sensation play delights. Adhered the back of my husband’s wardrobe door are hooks which hold up all of our floggers, the crop, the cane and the spreader bar. I’m not allowed in there without permission. Finally, the bedside unit contains our bondage cushion, or the “breeding cushion” as he prefers to call it. It has longer straps with attached cuffs for my ankles, and two detachable cuffs, behind the velvet neck cushion, for my wrists. The result is that I apparently wind up trussed like a Christmas turkey, an apt joke which I failed to pick up on when I handed it over little under a year ago. The things we put up with… not that we’d change them.

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    1. helen, this sounds wonderful! yes, Amanda would love it! kudos to your decorating creativity… I love the idea of the breeding cushion.. 😃 … I have found that in our house now, even when Amanda doesn’t have me bound in any of our “devices” and they are camouflaged in a sense from public view, *I* still know they are there “beneath the surface,” and it arouses me constantly to be aware that any of them is possible at a moment’s notice…


  2. Oh how wonderful slave Picasso describes the BDSM inventory Amanda has in the house and the new one in the bay window. Which strangely enough has come into place without a naked Shae placed in several variants in the window post. Amanda impresses. The biggest humiliation must be how low you Shae are valued at $. Must be missing a couple of zeros. Or how long can I enjoy the sight for $ 18.80? A new armchair with wide armrests, must be the simplest case in Denver, has already seen a beautiful lady in one with 8 “armrests.

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