new schedule and thoughts

Amanda has had a couple of conversations with Master McKenna and a lot of back-and-forth with Kevin about my availability and future schedule with each of them.

Seems that Master McKenna will have me for a week each month.

Kevin will now take me on a quarterly basis, though now eight days each time instead of five. Additionally, Kevin is being given “dominant rights” to me for some of these quarterly visits each year. (I am so excited about this!)

Amanda says that the conversation with Kevin went better than expected. Apparently his work-life schedule has made it more difficult for him to take me so often. He wants, of course, to take time off from work when I’m there, but he can’t afford so much absence from his business. As it has been, his frequency with me — due to his own schedule, not mine — had become once every two months anyway. So this idea of having me every three months for a longer period each time was not so much of a concession and works better for him actually. It certainly will ease how hectic my life has become with frequent six-hour drives to visit him.

As for Master McKenna, it was his and Amanda’s plan all along for him to have me on a more regular basis. He wishes me to be his business assistant — still in the context of his dominance of me, but including real office work that he needs to be done. I may be his secretary in a spreader bar but will be doing, somehow, actual business work.

Amanda, the queen of woo, pulled this off without shedding blood. Nice.

Amanda told me her intention for me with Kevin had been to give me the experience of being provided for sex to someone apart from a dominant relationship. She wanted me to experience being an escort-courtesan, a sexual gift from her to another. “There are others I will want to gift you to,” she said. “I wanted you to experience being sexual with someone, Kevin, in a non-dominated relationship. I needed to know how you would handle it.” This was why she had resisted our requests for bondage room events.

But, she said, by now I had proven I can do the vanilla escort arrangement. (I feel this may be a dubious achievement, perhaps, for it simply gives her the confidence she can whore me out to others. But so be it.) And even now, with Kevin, she would like some of our visits to be of the vanilla-escort variety. But she told me she had come to realize that Kevin and I have a particular chemistry together, present in my escort presence with him, but especially activated when we are D/s together. She has realized that Kevin’s dominance of me is not about any formal training of me, but just about his use of me, his consumption of me. So this doesn’t compete, she now believes, with Master McKenna.

McKenna, she says, is about my formal training in a more standard slavery than she is able to provide me. (This goes to my theory that Amanda is making herself more of my manager than my primary dominant. She will always keep me as her slave, but our relationship is so “multi-plex” that it will never be the more proper, disciplined slavery she feels I need to have. She is becoming my madam.)

In the final tally of the calendars, I will be going to Master McKenna right away—well, next week, starting this Sunday night.

I will be with Master Kevin the first week of December.

Amanda has plotted out everything for the next four months — a major accomplishment, as she has had to juggle the holidays, another trip of two for me to visit my mother, her own needs for me, and other things (including my periods). Not an easy scheduling task, but she’s done it.

Even though I don’t control my schedule, it’s nice to know what it is.

I am happy about these arrangements with both of the men.

I like submitting to Master McKenna, quite a lot, but my times with him have never been regular or particularly steady. My early training under him led into the retreat, which was unusual. He felt I did well, and perhaps that was a threshold for him in his keeping of me. But since then my times with him have been irregular in timing. Now, I will have predictable and longer times with Master McKenna each month. This will get me into a rhythm with him. This is good.

Of course, I’m really excited about being with Kevin in slavery once again. There will be much to say about that when the time comes, but Amanda is right — he and I have a kind of chemistry when we are dom and sub together. I “fit” him, and it feels so good with him.

As for Amanda, she will now have me about the same amount of time as she did before — thanks to the adjustment in my Kevin schedule. Also, she is at a tipping point in her work, so she is able now to relax a bit and take some more time with me.

Of course, “more time with me” simply means she has more time to dream up decor-friendly bondage devices.

6 thoughts on “new schedule and thoughts

    1. with both of them… I expect Master McKenna next week to explore with me some of his ideas about corporal punishment and physical discipline. Since that’s of keen interest for you and me both, I’ll keep you posted, nora.

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  1. Ever since I found your blog, about 18 months ago, you’ve had a special relationship with Kevin. It has matured and you have adjusted your expectations of Kevin’s treatment of you. An opportunity to be Dom – sub, was thwarted by a sudden incident at a workplace. So I look forward on your behalf to your next visit to Kevin. We do not know Master M very well yet, you have promised us chapter 3. It will be exciting to hear how MM will now utilize your skills as a sub and secretary. If you can use your intelligence and MM can benefit from your knowledge. Will be a lot to look forward to until next year.

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