short shorts

I think I will do another q & a post soon. If you have questions about my life, send them to me by email ( or by comment below…

Last weekend for me was quite bottomless, and by that I don’t mean an endless supply of alcohol, although a drink or two would have helped me through my exposures.

I think I prefer being topless than being bottomless. Why, I don’t know.

Amanda is continuing our tea parties once a month for anyone in the neighborhood to attend. Next one is tomorrow afternoon.

It’s a variation of my vertical cage fantasy, I know, but of late, I have had images in my mind of being hung in a closet. Strange, but I think it’s something of the same idea — that I am “stored” somewhere, and in that place I have no responsibility and there’s nothing for me to do.

Now that I am scheduled on a regular basis and the calendar is set, I find I am thinking more about Master McKenna — I go to him on Sunday night. I’m not nervous about being with him again, but I do get a little fluttery about it. Like going on a date. A week-long bondage-and-slavery date.

I asked Amanda if I could address her as “ma’am” again. She has felt it suggests age and hasn’t liked me to call her that.

I offered, “But it’s the only good feminine counterpart to ‘sir.’ I address all dominant men as ‘sir,’ even if they are younger than me.”

She finally said, “Okay.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

Amanda had said she has another secret bondage “staging” in mind (beyond the quartet that I blogged about). I have made myself a little crazy thinking about what that might be.

Last evening, I offered to lick her pussy.

She said, “You mean with your hands tied behind your back so your face gets all wet and shiny the way like it?”


“No, I don’t want you right now,” she said.

Okay then.

10 thoughts on “short shorts

  1. I tend to agree with Amanda shae, Ma’am does seem to have more association with age than Sir. I like Mistress for this reason. You have some fun times coming up… love how you are teased…wet face indeed!

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  2. I was a military kid, so it’s second nature to address folks as sir and ma’am. I do cringe at work though when people say that to me. There’s a time and place for formality when talkin to me and work ain’t it.. lol Least ya can’t say you’re going to be bored…

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  3. When I picture the scenario of being stored in the closet, what comes to mind is that after about 10 minutes of adjusting to the dark and the quiet, I’d find myself bored. This makes me wonder, how would you deal with the boredom of an extended period stored away with little sensory input? Would you able to simply shut your mind down and think of time less or would you find some way to embrace the experience?

    I agree. Sir implies authority while ma’am definitely leans towards age (or annoyance).

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    1. Well, it depends on how long. I can imagine myself being put in a closet for up to two hours. The first half hour would fill me with feelings of rejection — why does she want to put me away, not have me present anymore. The last half hour would be filled with the fear she will forget me and never let me out. The middle hour is the submissive bliss of being used, diminished, and objectified. No, I wouldn’t be bored…


  4. q&a ? Hi Shae, I want to hear how you can do a good licking job with your hands tied behind your back. Is it meant to take place in bed, lying down? Realize you get wet in the face, but ….
    You need to have strong back muscles. How did you feel when such a wonderful moment is rejected?
    (I tried on the mistress without using my fingers, it went well so far, but had to have my hands under my chest).
    About your training.
    You also mention in a comment that your thigh muscles have become stronger, scroll because you are squatting when giving Kevin a blowjob.
    Can you tell us which exercises are included in your training. Do you do the exercises alone, or with Amanda as spectator and guide?


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