nearly normal

It has been a fairly quiet and ordinary week by most D/s standards. Mistress Amanda, aka “Goddess, Ruler of My Life,” has kept me clothed for most of it, with the exception of occasional modeling sessions she’s had me do in the bay window. These have been private between her and me, although we both know she’s staging me for some future “opening,” when she invites more folks over for window shopping.

I have realized that the window provides Amanda (who enjoys decorating the house and grounds in her own D/s version of feng shui) an opportunity to decorate me as well, using my body in a space to create her own kind of performance art. For her it’s an aesthetic. For me, it’s being spread-eagle in a window.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet, tame week. And I’ve been a good girl, staying within myself. You need weeks like this sometimes. And Amanda knows I go to Master McKenna on Sunday night, so she is giving me more inner time to get centered for him.

Yes, we had the afternoon tea yesterday, but it was strangely normal. Amanda kept me dressed this time, all retro and fifties in floral shirt dress, heels, and pearls. Tea is now open to everyone in the neighborhood — “join us if you’re able” — and several of the neighbors showed up at our front door. It was pleasant and lovely. I served tea and finger sandwiches, but otherwise sat at the table like a grown-up, actually dressed and engaging in conversation about universities and COVID. Yes, I was aware that not so long ago, I served drinks while topless at the BBQ party, but the probability that I occupy that space in their minds was not anything that I focused on, and the afternoon was pleasant and delightfully ordinary.

In fact, I think Amanda wants to paint for them a picture of the D/s life as both these images — BBQ party with neighbors walking me topless on a leash and tea party with me all buttoned up like Donna Reed.

Tomorrow, Amanda takes me shopping. Since we are buying clothes for me to wear when I’m with Master M, it will be serious shopping, and I doubt Amanda has any intention of playing with me in the park. Though I’m always the last to know.

8 thoughts on “nearly normal

    1. cj, Master M talks with Amanda ahead of time about his preferences. Amanda fulfills his wishes by providing my wardrobe when I’m with him… She reviews with me before I go and as I’m packing, what I should wear each day and evening when I am with him. Of course, he can override those choices and sometimes does — like, he may say, “I want you in blue this afternoon.” But what I wear is provided by Amanda according to his preferences.

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  1. I wonder, and really suspect, that Amanda likes the keep the neighbors guessing. It’s part of the allure and excitement of “tea at Amanda and Shae’s.” While it may be something normal and relatively mundane (like this event), it may also involve you be topless and displayed. They never know, and thus, they’ll keep showing up. 🙂


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