on McKenna time, 1

Master McKenna has given me a window of time each day to write my blog, usually right after lunch when he schedules Zoom calls on both east and west coast. My problem is that when I have this time I am not in my best writing mind. Such as now, after a full morning of my slavery to him: I am exhausted in a certain way, am disinclined to replay my morning enslavements all over again in writing, and simply wish to take a nap.

This visit is I expect more normative to the way Master M will have me. It is less teaching and training (with one exception), and more doing, my work being somewhat clerical and organizational, albeit while wearing outfits that would get me thrown out of any actual business office. This is not unlike the work Amanda has me do for her business (less so lately), though it is more about preparing board reports and learning his style of presentation. Interspersed are moments of his dominance of me — much less about teaching me anything and more about the fact he just feels the hell like it.

At a point you are just the object of a man’s libido.

Meanwhile my style of “presentation” is high heels and metal collars, short skirts and sheer tops — slave shae as the living fantasy of Master McKenna. That is when I’m wearing an outfit. When I came to him Sunday night, before any exchange of words, he had me undress on the front porch, a somewhat literal rendition of “he had me at hello.” Since then, there have been stretches of rampant nudity occurring in the haze of his cigar smoke.

The one training exception is all about discipline and punishment. Sort of like classroom teaching with a “lab” component. He has a philosophy of this, and I’ll devote a separate blog to that, maybe tomorrow. For now, I will just say it reveals Master M to be a more physical dominant than I have experienced him to be earlier. And also that there are times when sitting is a bit of an ordeal.

More tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “on McKenna time, 1

  1. A more physical dominant is what you have needed.
    Sounds as if you are more “settled” in,” now. That is, settled in to the extent that a slavegirl should be, which is not very, certainly not to a point of anything approaching complacency. Your submissive and sexual cages need a good rattling, periodically.
    Thank you for the update, shae.

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