on McKenna time, 4

I fold into him now, at this stage of my submissive existence with him. By “fold” I mean that I curl into his dominant intentions naturally and intuitively.

It isn’t a romantic relationship, not even like the dom-sub romantic comedy I live out with Amanda. He is not in love with me, nor I him, and the very way it is not romantically needy and clingy enhances everything. He has in me a woman who will do anything he asks and not require anything in return — especially not any sort of romantic expectation. It seems we both trust the other in that now.

It would be a good test of me for him to bring in another woman, a vanilla companion, a love-interest girlfriend, and see how I would respond. You never know, but I honestly don’t think it would matter to me so much.

I don’t think he has a significant other, not because of me, but because I’m not sure he has the time. Nor would he wish to go through the process: How does a dominant answer the girlfriend’s question, “Honey, why is a naked girl suspended by cables in the Great Room?”

Ha, ha. But the greater test would be for him to get a second slave girl. Then I don’t know if I could be so laissez-faire. I could imagine then I become Ms. Phyllis — cold and hissy toward my doppelganger, jealous of the carpet space we now share at his feet. But it still wouldn’t be in the sense that I have glommed on to Master M with a kind of romantic possession. It would be more that there would be two of us girl slaves and only one cock. (Which I mean in a metaphorical sense… of course.)

Sex with him, too, is interesting. It isn’t the point of anything he intends with me. It’s part of the fabric of his domination of me. In other, cruder words, he doesn’t use me sexually to get himself off. He uses sex to deepen my submissive state. He is fulfilled, it seems, by pushing me down into a deeper helplessness and craving and desire.

Which is gaspingly lovely but very different. Somehow it compels me to fold into him in the way I do. When he comes in me, it’s not about his orgasm or mine. but about my flesh folding around his cock — just as I fold my presence around him in the intercourse of our daily lives.

3 thoughts on “on McKenna time, 4

  1. This is beautifully written, shae! I appreciate the imagery here. I will be curious to see how your feelings play out over time. I did not expect to develop feelings of love for my Sir, but over the last year, I have completely fallen for how he masters my mind and body. The tentacles of his control have reached much further than I anticipated and moved me in ways that I have never been moved. We are both married and while I could look at this as having to satisfy myself with “only” being his submissive, instead I choose to see his role in my life as this beautiful, unexpected gift and my role in his life as a privilege. The power exchange dynamic does funny things to the heart. As always…GREAT post. I am so grateful that you share your experiences with us. XOXO

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    1. thank you, nora… I love hearing and reading about your Daddy and your Sir and your poly life. It is beautiful to me how they both have you in different ways. it’s similar (though different) in my relationships to Amanda and Master M. so, here I appreciate that you well understand the intricacies and nuances of my feelings for Master M…. thank you for these lovely thoughts…

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