on McKenna time, 5

A few miscellaneous things, while I’m still here…

I apologize for not writing more often this week. And also for not responding to your comments. Again, I have been given time to write, but my mind is mush a lot of the time in that early afternoon period I’m allotted.

I’ve taken to getting up earlier in the morning to write what I have posted. And some more this weekend.

I promise to get to the comments when I return home. But I have read them, and I thank you for your compliments and encouragements.

By the way, I intend to do another Q&A post when I return next week. Feel free to drop questions into my email or in comments.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning Master M hung out with his buddies, golfing.

It seems I am frequently in the service of dominant men who have golf as a hobby. (On the one hand, it seems such a genteel sport. On the other hand, it is, after all, about strokes and balls.)

I don’t know if at some point he will introduce me to his friends, or even take me along. I know very little about golf. But I imagine he will say that doesn’t matter, that I would look good in a golf skirt. Of course, he likes me in any skirt, as long as it’s short. The other day I wore a plaid miniskirt, and he said, “You look ‘serviceably fuckable’ in that.” Perhaps it’s notable that I didn’t felt demeaned by being called “fuckable” — more that he called me “serviceable.” That makes it sound like I’ll be just OK, that I’ll do in a pinch.)

Anyway… as a result of his golf outing, I had more clearheaded time to write yesterday. I started a few posts, and perhaps now will finish them for posting more while I am still here.

It is Sunday morning as I write this, and I will be returning to Amanda Monday evening.

This visit will end up at an eight-day duration, by design. Master M wanted a long stint with me this time, perhaps to habituate me to the rhythm of his life. Which it has.

My future monthly visits will be five or six days, with me usually coming in on a Sunday and leaving late the following Friday. Since Master has incorporated me into his work as a kind of assistant, he wants me Monday through Friday. And since he goes golfing with buddies on Saturday and likes to do other things on the weekend, this schedule makes sense.

I did not want to impose on readers too many descriptions of the people who populate Master’s life, and mine. I know that all these people are of more significance to me than to you. So I held back on one of them in my previous post. But he’s worth mentioning here.

David Galli is McKenna’s business manager. Master McKenna runs three separate businesses. Galli coordinates the logistics of meetings and travel for McKenna in all three enterprises. There are a lot of trips to Chicago, some to LA, occasionally NY.

Mr. Galli is at the mansion on Monday mornings to review what documents will be needed for trips and to plot out travel plans. He returns Friday mornings briefly to review with McKenna the travel arrangements made during the week. Often they travel together.

He is maybe seven or so years younger than me, mid-twenties, which makes for an interesting dynamic with me. He is well aware of Master M’s dominant lifestyle. Also, Mr. Galli knows what I am, submissive and slave. But he knows also I serve Master M as a real business assistant.

This week — Monday, then Friday — there have been brief sessions with me, Master McKenna, and Mr. Galli together. Master will be traveling later next week and needs board reports for those meetings. On Monday, we discussed what was needed. Through the week I did the reports. On Friday, I handed the finished reports in folders to Mr. Galli, who will box them and take them on their trip.

I don’t know really how Mr. Galli relates to Master lifestyle, but he seems open to it, seems to accommodate it without question, and perhaps even enjoys being a spectator. He seems to have a protege-mentor relationship with Master M, but I don’t know if that extends from business into the D/s lifestyle as well.

I don’t know if Master M will at some point give any of the staff front-row seats to the execution of my slavery. Probably not Ms. Phyllis. Jeffers seems to find his views anyway. Possibly, Maria, because she is curious, although I don’t know Master knows that. (Perhaps I should let him know about Maria?) Maybe it will be Mr. Galli who will become a witness to my slavery.

I will have to handle my exposures to others when they happen. In a way, Amanda has trained me well to accept my states of undress before strangers, as well, sometimes as my slave services.

In another way, you never get used to it — and every stranger becomes a new humiliation.

4 thoughts on “on McKenna time, 5

    1. Mister Archie, yes it was intense. I have provided a separate bedroom. I don’t regularly sleep with Master M, if that’s your question. he has his own bedroom suite that I’m never in. there’s another bedroom, small, with a half-moon bed equipped with restraints and shackles, and he has me there if he wishes.


  1. Good evening Shae. Perhaps you can use this in your Q&A post. Here’s my question: you mentioned in an earlier post in this thread that M uses the term “corporal humiliation” and you described the situation well. You have also described situations where you have been humiliated and explained that the act of being humiliated put you in a sub-space which you “enjoy” due to your slave status. My question is if given a choice by M during a corporal humiliation scene, would you prefer to be bound and restrained, unable to move, while he whipped/flogged/spanked you, or would you prefer to not be bound and therefore “technically free” to escape the blows to your body? Seeing as you are not bound, you are willingly submitting to being hit which becomes your humiliation which puts you in a more submissive-space for you to enjoy.

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