other things this week

There was something new Friday, uneventful but different.

Master M took me with him to one of his businesses. I rode in the car with him to a small office space a half hour away. It was a satellite office for a business he runs in Los Angeles, about thirty people, just cubicles, a break room, and a meeting room. I’m not permitted to get much more specific than that.

So, I’ll answer the next question — yes, I was fully dressed, in one of the blazer/skirt outfits, this time with an actual boat-neck top underneath, and sensible heels. While I wore a collar, perhaps the only concession to my status, it was modest and fashionable — thin and rounded, smooth, stainless, and subtle. It bore an O-ring, but that was turned to the back and hidden under my hair. I actually looked respectable for a change. Like a real assistant.

In fact, I was introduced at the beginning of the meeting as his assistant. I blended into the background after that, taking notes, keeping my mouth shut, although I don’t know what I would have said anyway.

It was different being in the car with him. And a new experience being in his vanilla business world.

I’ve wondered why he took me out like that, what his purpose was. It would be nice to think he enjoys my company in the car, my “delightful conversation” even when I have all my clothes on. It wasn’t a “slave event” apparently — nothing happened. He didn’t really need me, as anyone at the meeting could have taken notes. Maybe he intended to show me some aspect of his work, the businesses he runs. Perhaps it’s a prelude to something later.

This afternoon and evening there will be football on TV, I am told, and Master M is having some friends over to watch. We’ll see where that goes.

It has been a deeply good week for me, reassuring in how I have so easily fallen back into my submission to him. It all has returned to me after the hiatus, all my training and instincts, my trust in his handling of me, my ready yielding of my body to him. In the absence, I had begun to worry about myself, about him with me, how it would be. But my fretting was for naught — it all feels like I never left.

If anything, the surprise of the week is that there have been steps forward:

I have come to a sense that this is my other home. I have a place here physically, as I wrote about, but also socially — the people of the manse, whether they approve of me or not, accept my presence here now. It helps that I am on a lower social level (although maybe the point is more that I accept my lower level and don’t presume to threaten their status with him). I suppose it’s also helped for them to see him using me and to realize they would never want that debasement for themselves.

I have also developed in my greater acceptance of my frequent nudity around and about. I talked with Amanda about this on the phone last night. It isn’t that he keeps me much more exposed than Amanda does, but that there are more people popping into the mansion at random times. It really is an open house, accessible to a wide circle of Master’s colleagues, acquaintances, and friends. Amanda asked me if I have “gotten used to it.” I said no, that I still am self-conscious and feel my exposure to them, but there are so many visitors so randomly dropping in that I have given up any pretense of control. She liked that. I suppose it’s always good for a slave to confess she is given up control of this or that.

It occurs to me how Master M’s approach is like and also different from Amanda’s. They both have created worlds in which D/s is practiced.

He has created a physical space — the mansion and grounds — that are a kind of lifestyle ecosystem. It’s a business headquarters for his operations but also a structure that houses his dominance. The size of the place, its physical geography, makes it feel like a complete world, one in which the lifestyle of dominance and submission are accepted and openly executed.

Amanda has created around her and me a D/s world as well. For her, though, it’s not physical space but relational space. She has wooed people, neighbors, into an understanding of my submissiveness and the practice of her dominance of me. In a sense, she has enlarged our world by including more people.

I am being returned to Amanda tomorrow (Monday). It will be lovely to see her again. We have talked on the phone almost every night I’ve been here.

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