the experience of strangers, 1

It’s been the nature of my slaveries that I have been given to strangers to be dominated and used.

It’s easy to forget, given the relationship Amanda and I have now, that initially she was a stranger to me when I first was taken by her. Likewise, Kevin, for whom I was on my knees in oral servitude almost before we had our first words of greeting. Amanda later arranged my submission to Master McKenna, and while he and I had a series of “training visits” up front, he too was a virtual stranger when I first came to him.

I have written before about these events in my slave life, and won’t indulge that again here. The point is this is the model of D/s that I came into at the beginning, an approach-philosophy my various owners have commonly held: a slave is property, and as property, she is sometimes shared to be dominated by others, even if they are strangers to her.

It is clear that Amanda in particular finds great satisfaction in such possibilities with me. This will be a part of my life going forward, she says, certainly if my life migrates back to Colorado, but possibly even here at some point in Pennsylvania.

Given all this, I intend to post a series of writings about the experience of being dominated and used by strangers.

5 thoughts on “the experience of strangers, 1

  1. I have to admit that my interest in the upcoming posts you’ve described is a prurient one; beyond that, though, the fact that your experiences are real, not fictional, makes them much more interesting to me. Your descriptions are well-written and clear. Your lifestyle is so radically submissive that frankly I worry a little about you, for your psychological safety more than physical. So I look forward to your writing a little anxiously.

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    1. john, thanks for your concerns. and also for your compliments on my life and writing. I don’t mind that your interest is prurient — I assume it’s that way for many readers and followers… actually I appreciate the sexual interest in me…. this series will be interesting. I’m writing obviously from my past experiences with Master McKenna, and to a lesser degree, my early experiences with Amanda/Kevin, and later with Kevin solo. but I’m also envisioning future occasions of being shared, imagining what they will be like. in a way, going through this is an exercise in preparing me for what will happen, so Amanda says…. I can’t suggest that these experiences with strangers are not psychologically demanding, for they are, and maybe this is in some way playing with fire. I don’t wish you to worry for me, but if your response to my writings is “prurient anxiety,” I rather consider that a compliment. 😉

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  2. Oh lovely Shae, you tease. I read a typo you made a few months ago. Is it so that you can now start telling about sex with strangers and Amanda as a spectator?

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  3. ‘If it migrates back to Colorado’? I would expect that to be when. Sure it may not be today or tomorrow, but certainly at some point, though no one knows what life will bring, like COVID. At least Amanda has given you instructions on how to maintain your servitude to her even when you are separated.


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