McKenna 2

It has been a mix of familiar and new.

He gave me most of the first day for me to acclimate, but I hardly needed it. I slipped easily into his thrumming schedule and personal rhythm, despite the months I’ve been away from him.

He has not changed his normal work routines for my time here. He continues to run his businesses as always, not taking “vacation time” to attend to me. I am in the background, which feels right to me, a proper measure of my unimportance.

Yet, I am a kind of personal assistant, always tethered to him, as if by an invisible chain.

And that’s the new thing — chains. Not invisible, but real steel.

As I reported in my last post, he has dressed me in heavy chains wrapped around my ankles and wrists. With me in a properly professional skirt and blazer, these chains could be a kind of socially aware fashion statement, about a career girl Friday being overworked and undervalued in the corporate office. But, of course, everyone here knows otherwise — that I wear these chains because I am what I am, with observers filling in their idea of the “I am” part.

Six hours into my stay here, Master had me remove my blouse and re-don my blazer, allowing my breasts to wobble to and fro as I work. Subsequently, he had me wrap around my neck a length of heavy chain link — literally tow chain — like a necklace, with a “pendant,” a giant Yale lock, dangling between my breasts. (I was told that Master had Jeffers procure these chains and cut them to specified lengths.)

It has made me wonder if in my absence Master spends time thinking up these things. It’s hubris of me to imagine he thinks of me that much, but I still wonder how much creative thinking he puts into it, where these ideas come from. I would ask, but there’s something better about things just being assumed and, in this case, worn, without question. I know he likes that I just submit to the chains as if this is how a woman like me should be.

Amanda was here the first evening and commented on my chains. “I had nothing to do with this,” she claimed, sporting a too-pleased grin.

I have worn them pretty much from the moment I arrived. He has me in them around the clock, and I am allowed to take them off only when I shower. I wonder if his intention is to inure me to them so that I ultimately assume them to be part of my body. Maybe like piercings or tattoos.

Maria asked me how they feel.

“Heavy,” I said. “After a few hours, I’m aware of their weight.”

I discovered they do have a somewhat pragmatic purpose. Apparently they are handy for attaching my arms and legs to bedposts.


5 thoughts on “McKenna 2

  1. Gee, Shae, it was a challenge to pick my favorite thought or line from this entry, but I think I’m going to go with this one: “I wonder if his intention is to inure me to them so that I ultimately assume them to be part of my body. Maybe like piercings or tattoos.” 😏 ❤️❗️

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  2. I wonder why you’re kept in chains. Is it to humiliate you? I do see how it can be useful, but here’s the thing; you’re such a trustworthy slave you clearly don’t need to be binded or anything – so again, is the purpose merely to humiliate you / show you off to other free people as a slave?

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      1. Sir, this is an excellent question. I agree that, in the D/s lifestyle, bondage often seems unnecessary and redundant. My real “bondage” comes from my own submissive need, not from chains. It’s an emotional, relational bondage to another person whom I need to possess me. Bondage devices are not needed. So, I agree with you on that.

        However, my bondage to another person in the emotional, relational sense is largely private between him and me. It’s unspoken and not very obvious to others. So, for Master McKenna to put me in chains that I walk around in, is a public statement to others that I am what I am. It makes the shame of my submission more public.

        I think also, there’s a subtle message in how these chains wrapped around my ankles and wrists are part of my clothing. Chains become how I dress each day. And when I am made topless, as I have been this week, it says that wearing chains is more essential an “article of clothing” than is a top which covers my breasts.

        So, yes, you are right. The purpose of these chains is to humiliate me in front of others.

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