PA again

Amanda and I have flown back to Pennsylvania, and we will spend Christmas here with my mother.

My time in Colorado was submissively satisfying, deeply so, and my only complaint is that I didn’t have more of it, more time living in the daily constancy of the slave life. As I’ve written before, waking up each morning as a sex slave to others is a unique and extraordinary thing.

Mother weathered my absence rather well once again, and there is now discussion about shifting things so that Colorado is my primary residence, with trips back to Pennsylvania being the occasional exception. This sort of reverses the current arrangement. Mother is not getting better, of course, but her condition has stabilized somewhat. Lucille has reason and interest to move in here, and there may be stars aligning to make this possible.

Yet much to consider and determine. We’ll be discussing options over the holidays.

Some have observed that during my time in Colorado it didn’t seem I had — or was used for — very much sex. This hasn’t been intended negatively but has just been people’s simple curiosity: am I actually being used as a sex slave and, if not, is there a shift in my status?

Responding to this puts me into the rather funny position of having to assert that I was, by golly, well-used sexually, rather often and sometimes randomly. For a woman who has confessed to being a slut yet resists being known as such publicly, this is a conflicting space to be in. 😉

So, yes, there was more sex in my Colorado days and nights than I reported on. I can report that Master McKenna had me at least once every day, and that I had a “date,” so to speak, with Blake not once but twice. Not that any of this is a point of pride and distinction, but rather a confession of the woman I am to others.

And there was more. I don’t report everything. I sometimes wish in my blog writing to make the point that the submissive life is a state of being, a way of living, not an endless series of sexual fireworks. Even a sex slave like me doesn’t do this for the sex.The condition of being submissive requires more than that — a daily, constant experience of being dominated by others. So, perhaps I sometimes understate the “sex show” aspect to make the point about slavery in the ordinary.

Also, sometimes there is a sexual encounter/occasion that, for reasons of someone else’s privacy, I am restrained from writing about. I can confess to you some of this has been happening in the background, but is not yet anything I can make public. Don’t mean to be unduly cryptic about that, but it’s what it is.

And then it’s true I don’t write much about my sexual relationship with Amanda. This is not because she has forbidden me to, but because it is something I consider more sacred in some way. I promise to share more of her and me together (she would like that too). I can say we have different modes of being together sexually, and more often than not it is as Mistress and slave. But sometimes it’s mutual in status and a different lovemaking. So it’s just that when I do write this, I wish to make it as remarkable as I experience it.

All of this is to say Colorado was a significantly sexual time for me. Whether it was more or less than what a sex slave should be used for, I’ll let others figure out.

If anyone was worried, I assure you I was more than adequately enjoyed.

5 thoughts on “PA again

  1. Bravo on all counts, shae. I hope you transferal of focus to Colorado works out for you and that you’ll be able to go visit your mom as often as you would like.
    I am glad to hear you were used well and often in Colorado. It IS what you need.
    Merry Christmas!

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  2. Well, since you brought it up…..I had been wondering if there was any sort of teacher-student attraction between yourself and Maria.

    On another note, I have to applaud your skill, good fortune and support system which has enabled you to navigate the care of your mother across two states while managing to maintain at least some semblance of the life you hold near and dear. So often life events come crashing into our sense of normalcy and nothing is ever the same. You’ve got the right people in your orbit and they’ve helped to do everything they can to prevent that. That’s definitely something to be thankful for.

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