the lists

Usually at the turn of a year, Amanda and I exchange lists of our personal intentions for the future. These aren’t intended to be the usual New Year’s resolutions (dieting, working out more), though some have an aspect of self-improvement. They also aren’t bucket list items — things we want to do before we die.

These are our personal intentions reflecting our desires for “being and doing” over the next twelve months. Amanda and I prepare our lists separately, then talk through them together. Ultimately, what matters is not so much the lists themselves but the deeper conversations that emerge from them.

Shae’s List

  1. Work out a good arrangement for Mother’s care.
  2. Execute Master McKenna’s plans for retreat and school.
  3. Renew something with Kevin.
  4. Counsel/tutor Maria, however she wishes to go.
  5. Become more “poly-oriented” (re neighbors).
  6. Find my inner “copacetic” in regard to Blake.
  7. Pursue a regular outside interest/hobby, apart from D/s.

In fact, I had several more items that had to do with my mother, but in the final version have collected them all into number one. Amanda and I started our discussions with the mutual understanding that much will depend on such an arrangement with Lucille — if not, much of my time will still be here in PA, and all bets are off.

Amanda’s List

  1. New startup company.
  2. Pennsylvania office.
  3. The sharing of Shae.
  4. Someone to bring into our couple.
  5. Gazebo.

Over the next two or three posts, I’ll try to share the frank conversations and intimate thoughts Amanda and I discussed on each of our list items.


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