new skill

Thank you, all, for understanding and grace. Again, I got on this side of 2023 and ran into a wall of discouragement. I’m still feeling down, but working through it…

Master McKenna has given me a task of sorts, an exercise he wishes me to practice regularly here in PA for his future use of me in CO. I am to make myself nude but for a pair of high heels, to squat against a wall with my thighs spread open, and to clasp my hands together behind my neck.

I have been doing this. After my morning shower, in my bedroom I assume this position, maintaining it during my usual devotional/meditational time. I know Master McKenna means it for the carnal display of my flesh, but I don’t think it matters if somehow I find a kind of spiritual peace in it as well.

He’s interested in three things: economy of movement getting into the position, maintaining form while in it, and stamina for an increasing amount of time staying in it.

When I started, I could barely stay in the position for a few minutes; now I’m close to ten. The trick is in using the wall as much as possible to support you. I think my form in the position is fairly good. But I have no grace getting into the position — that process isn’t pretty. Will have to work on that.

He says he has a display table to put me on for doing this.

I asked him if he came up with this just as a solace for me right now because I’m depressed, something for me to do submissively, sort of.

He said no, that it’s really something he wants me to develop. Been considering it for some time. “Think of it as a new skill,” he said.

I said maybe I could mention it next time I’m in a job interview.

16 thoughts on “new skill

    1. thanks, john. I know he’s being a good Samaritan in giving me a submissive task, remote training, but i8t’s not entirely contrived. I welcome it anyway as a real thing. It’s kind of good for me in both ways — as a sub experience and s a new skill.

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  1. All you would need would to be on a sidewalk, have your back to a storefront, one end of your leash fastened to your collar with the other end in your mouth……

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  2. this is an excellent exercise for the legs. here are the muscle groups: It works all the muscles that your body uses to extend your legs and flex your thighs, such as the: rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius. And last, but not least, the gluteus maximus–since wall squats also help shape and tone your buttocks.
    One of the trainers used to have my team do wall sqats. The only difference was knees closed, no heels, and players were clothed. some of the girls would holde contests as to who could hold them the longest,
    Master McKenna has your physical and Mental health in mind. (agreeing whit you, ” solace for me right now because I’m depressed, something for me to do submissively, sort of”)
    Enjoy stronger legs. and being on display when that occurs. i bet Mistress Amanda will enjoy your new skill too!

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    1. Excellent points. It also is beneficial for her submissive “muscle.” Are there additional benefits when one does that without being against a wall?
      I tried to “like” your comment, but when I do, the star icon simply disappears and nothing else happens. For several weeks, that has been the case when I attempt to like a comment in this forum.

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    2. sindee, you seem to know your physiology! I’m impressed!… All I know is that I have been sore from the exercise, sore in my thighs but also surprisingly in my ass (I don’t have the proper vocabulary you do!).

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      1. Never know if she will arrange a ‘chance encounter’ on one of yer walks. Then there is always the ‘dog run’ in Colorado. I bet Blake might enjoy those new skills you’re acquiring.


  3. Your new exercise will be wonderful, for us, I can’t wait to read your presentation of the exercise. Hope you present to us your first presentation to MM or will it be to Mistress A. And I would recommend Master M to have a mirror mounted on top of the exhibition table you will crouch on. I know you don’t like my ideas for your Dom. But I feel confident that you will take my idea forward. You talk about your pussy often and delightfully, with the mirror it becomes clear all the way through. It will not be difficult to polish mirrors here.

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