I really want to point you to the recent post by Helen on her “Whispers of a Phoenix” blog. You probably know of Helen’s blog already and her fascinating submissive life, as well as her frequent comments here to some of my posts.

In the second half of “Healing Wounds / How the Other Half Lives,” she writes about me, which is not why I’m recommending it, though I’m flattered. You can find this post here.

I’m recommending this to you because Helen compares and contrasts her submission to mine, and I think this might be really informative to others already in, or thinking about, the D/s life.

She writes how she and I are different in many ways, yet much the same in others. Our situations are similar in how they involve multiple people. How we are used as submissives in daily life is different, yet she fancies about how we would be good together in a kind of “slave collective.” (I love that.)

Well, I’ll let her words speak for themselves. The point is that all of us as submissives share a common overall experience, but in different ways and situations. D/s arrangements are tailored differently.

Well worth your time to read — and not just the part about me, but the first part of the post, as well as the other posts about Helen’s fascinating life of submission.


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  1. Thankyou, Shae, for your kind words. I am truly honoured for the referral and hope that our shared experiences will be useful and insightful to others for many years and months to come.

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