school for submissives: redux

Was wowed by the incredible comments on my last post — such great ideas to add to my thinking! (I welcome others…) Do read through those comments and my replies for context, but a few additions and clarifications here…

My discussions (re the school) have been with both Mistress Amanda and Master McKenna. And they are talking about it in terms of including both women and men submissives. (I didn’t make that clear.) Neither of them have a specific interest in a male submissive, but both know dommes who are very interested in males. Amanda knows of a trans woman who is submissive and might be a candidate…

In that kind of mixed group, there are some gender dynamics to consider — like how men and women submissives in the same room would interact and be open enough to participate. We’d have to work that through…

One thing I should emphasize: this school is not for the development of submissives for Master McKenna’s use himself. He sees it as having a more altruistic purpose of helping submissives find themselves. If he has a personal interest, it’s in the educational aspect, the mentoring, which he loves and is so good at. But he’s not doing this to cultivate slaves for himself.

Mostly, he is aware of the difficulty for doms to find submissives, and he’s trying to do something about it. This may feed into his dom retreat plans, matching his dom-training doms to actual submissives, though he has doubts that will work so easily. More to be figured out there…

It remains to be seen whom we reach out to for this introductory session. The available connections we have are through Mistress Amanda’s and Master McKenna’s lifestyle circles and business acquaintances (and their circles of circles). It would be word-of-mouth — a “had you heard of the event at McKenna’s?” sort of thing.

While those people would likely have some awareness of the lifestyle, they still are not in it, so we think, though possibly intrigued. Thus my thinking that this needs to have an “easy entry” with little resistance, a draw of some kind that’s interesting, entertaining, and not too threatening. (And, BTW, my idea of a high tea may be too lah-dee-dah, and not quite right. It’s just something I know.)

What I was talking about in my post is just an introductory presentation.

From that introduction, I’d hope folks would sign up for a series of sessions, again a sequence of general instruction offering little resistance to entry. This could be a weekend retreat.

And from that retreat, perhaps the next step is the fuller, deeper, course/school that would lead submissives into hand’s-on experiences and perhaps into the lifestyle itself, should they so wish. This would be the “bootcamp” that Dave mentioned in his comment, the actual “school.” So, it’s a progression of steps that leads into the school itself. So I imagine it now.

Obviously, much to be worked out. But I appreciate the input and welcome anything more…


One thought on “school for submissives: redux

  1. the minds keeps churning and something great is going to happen. Espeacailly, with all the help that is being offered and the fine tuning that will happen once it gets moving forward . Mush success to Mastres McKenna, Mistress Amanda and of course Slave Shae

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