Kevin and me

The blog posts under this menu are arranged roughly in chronological order, starting with my earliest experiences with Kevin. Note that there are other posts about him within my blog history — the list is not exhaustive — but these are the meatier ones… so to speak.

I first met Kevin early in 2019. He and Amanda were “together” at that time, which I put in quotes because it’s a relationship that’s hard to define. At one point the were together romantically and intimately, then they weren’t but living together, and then they separated. What has always been true is that they both are strongly dominant and a few years ago were looking jointly to acquire a sub girl to be their slave. In February 2019, they acquired me.

I was slave to the two of them for a year.

In late 2019, Amanda and Kevin decided to part ways. Amanda needed/wanted to move from a smaller town in middle Colorado to Denver. They came to an agreement about division of property, and Amanda took me with her.

This agreement was financially complicated, for reasons I won’t go into here. But one negotiated compensation was Amanda’s provision of me to Kevin on an occasional basis. They agreed this would not be a D/s provision, but purely sexual, with me becoming to him a kind of escort.

This provision started early in 2020, but was hampered, of course, by COVID.

As of early this year (2021), my visits to Kevin have resumed on a regular basis.