my punishments

It was Mistress Amanda’s idea to collect my moments of disgrace under a menu heading. Yes, I’ve written about my slave punishments in blogs, dutifully confessing my sins and reporting my humiliating penances — this is what I’m collecting here in this menu. I said to Amanda that I didn’t think I needed to be punished again by calling attention to them. She shrugged and said she didn’t care, just do it.

The first three blog entries are a series about my first transgression in defying Mistress Amanda, sort of a trilogy. I have slightly rewritten the “my punishment” entry, and am adding that as well. And I will add other punishment entries as I have time to find them and put them here.

I think it should be said that in my slave world punishment is not a D/s or BDSM “entertainment.” It’s not fun for anyone. There are things a slave is put through, activities of bondage and corporal discipline that are part of a dominant’s pleasures with his/her slave. These are not about that. These are administrations of punishment upon me for disobediences or defiances I committed.