Blake 1 (redux)

I am reposting this, as it’s been a few weeks since I first posted it, and I am about to share the second part of the account. This is about the day our handyman came to work on house and bondage projects for Amanda.

Again, if you have read this before, no need to re-read it. I’m just reposting for continuity with the remainder of the account of that day.

So it happened last Sunday.

Blake came at about ten for the work at hand — to do some interior house repairs, install eye bolts, work on the area of the wet bar, and finish the lower bolts for the entryway wall.

Before he started, Amanda had me serve him coffee. At this point I was dressed in a denim skirt and loose top. We sat at the breakfast table, talking about life in quarantine through recent weeks. He talked about his work drying up for a while. He’s busy now, he said, but he’d been sitting around for too long, putting on weight. I wouldn’t have noticed — he’s tall and wiry.

Blake mentioned a client of his, someone Amanda knows in the D/s lifestyle, who has him building a bondage room. Amanda asked about that, and they talked for a while about some of the design features he was putting in.

Amanda said that she was never given to a separate room for such things, though Kevin had had a bondage room. Then she went on to tell Blake who Kevin was and how I am sent to him every month for a time. Amanda said, “I don’t think of going to a specific room when I play with her. I want the possibilities for restraining her to be everywhere, all over the house, for others to see.“

I sat, saying nothing. I had pretty immediately gone into my sub space, content to let them talk about me. I knew that Amanda referring to me in the third person was intentional on her part. And Blake was addressing her not me, respecting my slave status to her. Though he was never, all day, impolite to me.

Eventually we walked around the house discussing the work to be done. Well, they discussed — I followed behind them silently. Amanda had another new idea, which I hadn’t heard before, and will write about later.

Blake had a small notebook and made sketches and measured things and wrote notes as we went around. He said he had figured out another way of finishing the entryway wall, less invasive, which came as good news to Amanda. So, he said, he could complete that today after all.

After the walk-around, Amanda had us back at the breakfast table again, though we stayed standing. She had me pour us fresh mugs of coffee. Blake was talking about the easy chair, that it would be simple. The legs were a walnut, he said, which was unusual, but good. He could drill in hooks that would show.

Amanda said to Blake that before he got started, she “wanted to be clear about something.”

She spoke about making me available to stand in place for measuring and positioning. “Blake,” she said, “I told you I was going to have her undressed for this. I know that’s not necessary for the work, but I just want her that way.” But, Amanda said, she didn’t want this to offend him. “If it will bother you, Blake, we won’t do it.”

As I recalled this later, I was reminded of a certain quality Blake seems to have. He is twenty-five, I think, though he looks a bit younger. Yet he has a presence of someone older, a certain confidence with people. And he answered her with just that kind of mature response: “Amanda,” he said, “it would be my pleasure, I’m sure.”

“Excellent,” Amanda said. She told him I would be in the same room with him, but would stay out of his way. “Slave girl is good at talking only when spoken to.” Blake didn’t have to make conversation.

They went on to talk about what height heels I should wear for positioning along the entryway wall and the wet bar. Six-inch heels versus, say, flats, would change my ankle height. Would that make a difference to the position of the eye bolts? I hardly ever wear flats in such situations. They decided four-inch heels would be a median height that would suffice for all heel heights.

Then Amanda told me to go to the bedroom, undress, and put on the cream pumps with the ankle straps. Finally, I was to put on my linen robe and then come back out.

It has become clear to me that Amanda intended this time with Blake as strategic to my submissive development. When she first mentioned this some time ago, I thought it was just her bit of tease to have with me, to play with me, in front of someone. No, I realized now, this had a purpose She wanted me to be seen and lusted for by a man, a practical stranger, and for me to stand in that lust for a number of hours.

This was to be a first test, one that will lead to other things — my being nude and led down the street, or visiting neighbors, or being walked in parks and along mountain trails and up on the ridge in back. It will be how Amanda presents me at parties and how she entertains certain guests here at the house. It is my further, deeper sexualization and training, and she intends this to be my way of life.

A short while later, I emerged in my little robe and Jeffrey Campbell heels with the ankle strap. They were in the entryway, the front door wide open. The side table had been moved over, and the sconces and candles were taken down, leaving the iron fixtures for my bondage.

Amanda was talking when I walked in, but she stopped and told me to take off my robe.

I obeyed, untying the sash in front, letting the linen robe open in front, then pulling it back from my shoulders, and off. I gathered it and laid it on the chair.

Blake was standing maybe six feet away, close to the door. At his feet was a toolbox. Amanda picked up the conversation again. I stood naked, not knowing what to do with my hands. They talked about the work, I forget what, but it turned into a longer conversation.

Amanda stood slightly behind me. I suspected she wanted to make sure that, as he conversed with her, he would have a long visual drink of my body.

Which he did. As Blake talked, he was looking at my breasts.

I was self-conscious, of course, my upper chest growing little splotches of red, as it does, and my ring-pierced nipples growing into thicker nubs. I remember not knowing myself where to look, where my eyes should go, so I turned my head to Amanda when she was talking, then off to the side and down, and occasionally at Blake directly, catching his eyes sometimes. When I did, he did not look away. He was a confident guy, that’s for sure. I was the one to look away.

They continued to talk, and I slipped further into sub-space. You can feel someone looking at you, and I felt his eyes like fingers over my breasts. And then, soon enough, I could feel his view go lower, between my legs, finding my bare slit, shaven, bald, and smooth.

I have been nude in front of people before, of course, but not so often completely nude like this, nor with someone still so much a stranger as was Blake, nor in my slave state so obviously, nor in this sort of proximity, six feet away, from a carpenter and his tools.

it was an intimacy all of its own, being “had” by someone I didn’t choose. Not to say it was painfully uncomfortable for me, no, it wasn’t, as there was something about him that was strong but not threatening, yet I felt self-conscious and was well aware of his gaze.

I imagined what he might be thinking. I was the slave girl in the room, submissive to her and by her proxy, also to him. I was ten years older, MILFish, perhaps he thought — I don’t know how men think of that. But I imagined that perhaps he was enjoying seeing an “older” woman so submissive and obedient as to humiliate myself naked before him, a younger man.

Amanda realized then I needed to be wearing my collar and would need wrist and ankle cuffs. She told me to go fetch them all, and to change out of the pumps with the ankle strap and wear my red ones. Also to put on matching red lipstick.

I did so, realizing that Amanda was showing me off. She probably all along intended for me to walk out and then back in, for Blake to see my breasts sway and ripple as I walked out and then back in while wearing high heels. As the day progressed, Amanda had me change my appearance multiple times.

Soon I was back, freshly heeled and lipsticked in ruby red, holding cuffs and collar. Amanda put my collar on me from behind. Likewise, my wrist cuffs, then ankle cuffs.

And then she attached me to the entryway wall.

Amanda had me stand with my feet a few inches apart, but this was the part of using me for “positioning” that was actual and necessary. Blake knelt to the floor, inches from my bare pussy. Amanda, had me try numerous stances — from my feet together, to inches apart, to wider and wider. At the widest stance, my pussy lips were parted, open.

Amanda thankfully said, “In high heels, slave girl can’t sustain that wide a set. I don’t like it anyway.” So we tried other stance-widths all over again — my adjusting my feet against the baseboard, and the two of them looking at me quizzically, as if centering a picture frame.

Amanda reiterated that she wanted my ankle straps latched tight to the wall. Not with lengths of chain. So the “home” position of my legs and feet mattered specifically and were the basis for Blake’s exact measurement.

Amanda finally settled on a position with my feet about a foot apart. “I think that’s right,” she said.

Blake, crouching at my feet, wrapped his hand around my right ankle, slowly pushing it back flush to the wall.

It was the first he had actually touched me. He has big hands.

He marked the wall with a flat pencil.

what didn’t happen today

Previously, on Shae’s Anatomy…

Amanda had called our young and talented handyman, Blake, earlier in the week for some work to be done around the house.

There’s been an open order for a further installation at the bottom of the entryway hanging wall. Apparently that’s complicated and requires some surgery inside the wall to create a beam on the other side to drill into.

I don’t quite understand it, which is why I stay away from carpentry workshops and kitchens, as building things and cooking things are assets the good Lord has definitely not given me. If I show up in those places, it’s only as eye candy, or otherwise to be ladled over with melted chocolate. Candy seems to be the common element.

Anyway, the hanging wall installation was not on the docket today. That apparently requires time and parts and mess, which Blake will wait to get into when it’s warmer.

In our previous episode…

…when I was roughly tied to the wet bar, Amanda had called Blake about installing eye bolts at places around the wet bar, front and back. Amanda wants to latch me to it and stretch me open like a spatchcocked chicken.

So today Blake was to come over and install eye bolts in strategic places around the wet bar. But as I soon learned, Amanda has a list of other locations for them as well. (Friend and sister blogger Minnie had rightly predicted this in her comment to my “Wet Bar” post, saying “There will be hooks everywhere.”) Amanda shared with me a short list of eye bolt locations — which suggests there’s a longer list somewhere.

Back to Shae’s Anatomy…

I dare not tease the ending of this any longer, because it’s anticlimactic: Blake never came. It was a mutual decision by him and Amanda, and you can blame coronavirus. Blake is fine, as we are, but no one knows if they are carrying it. So, abundance of caution, and all that jazz…

Tune in next time…

Amanda’s dream now is to have eye bolts all over the house in discreet places — Blake will put them in but also do it in a way that they become mostly invisible to the furniture and room. She wants me to wear ankle and wrist cuffs so that, once all is installed, she can essential toss me at a wall or a fixture or furniture and have me stick to it like Velcro, with swivel links quickly locking into the eye bolts, marrying me to objects with decided intimacy, as if they were bridegrooms.

So Amanda is disappointed, partly because the eye bolts haven’t gotten installed and partly because she was scheming a presentation of me in the presence of Blake the carpenter. She says that I have to model for each of the eye bolt installations.

I get that, but I’m not sure why she thinks I have to be naked.