notes to a younger me 4: modesty

Your modesty is a gift that He will continuously unwrap.

His desire to violate your modesty is part of his dominant pleasure. But know that his dominance is thrilled not just by seeing your naked flesh but also by seeing that slight resistance when made to undress for Him.

It is better for Him if it is difficult for you.

Your modesty says your body is yours, meant to be kept private. Your slavery says your body is owned by Him and meant to be public. This is the tension that He enjoys, the tension you will live in, the tension you would do well to let happen.

Mind you, your modesty should not be a stubborn resistance of your will or a hesitation that comes across as defiance. You must readily obey, of course. But allow your modesty to be what it is. He will sense it. He will savor your propriety being bent as you undress for Him. He will enjoy making you “improper.”

My advice is never apologize for your sense of modesty. Don’t try to overcome it or dismiss it or hide it.

It is in fact a beautiful gift.