the weekend with Master McKenna: 4

Sunday morning, and I’m a bit relieved I’ve made it through the first part of this long weekend. There’s a breakfast being catered in and a final overview session (so there’s still time for me to screw up), but then the non-profit group will be leaving late morning, and I’ll have made it through.

I’ll have a few times late morning and early afternoon to myself. I may be able to post something or other at those times.

I’ve received a number of encouraging blog comments in the past two days, and I am grateful, although I’m not sure if I’ll have time to respond to them until next week. We’ll see what time I have later today.

Still, thanks to all of you who are commenting and “cheering me on.”

Yesterday (Saturday) went well — although it was unexciting and there’s not much to report on. For me it was reasonably successful, it seems — I didn’t topple any serving trays. (OK, so that’s a low bar for success, but I’ll take it.) Documents got copied and distributed, folders were handed out. The refreshments table got stocked with snacks and bottled waters.

Some of the men continue to enjoy my short skirts — or rather, me in them — and actually, one of the women too. I know this because Master McKenna had observed it. He came to me Saturday morning on the side to tell me to spend a little time with each of them during the day — he named their names — “to give them a good long visual.”

“Yes, sir,” I’d said softly but without hesitation, and this became an example of master and slave working together toward the slave’s own objectification.

He had ditched the business suit for me and had me in a deep burgundy skater skirt, hemmed to mid-thigh, and a tight pullover top in dark gray. The subdued colors eked out an air of appropriate seriousness, I suppose, much better than putting me in pastels and knee socks, but still revealing and intentionally a couple of degrees “off” for a truly professional propriety.

During the day, I indeed managed to sit with each of the people Master had named, engaging them in a conversation that was meant to cover my real purpose — giving each close-up time in which to savor me visually.

I go on about this somewhat because it’s different from what I’m used to with Amanda. She most commonly keeps me partly undressed around the house and outside. She has less need to clothe me suggestively. Master McKenna has been dressing me this weekend in this “in-between,” to be “respectfully suggestive” around a group of vanilla folks, his aim to make me fit in while standing out, so to speak. Again, I believe he had Amanda’s help in making my wardrobe selections for the weekend

One thing I haven’t had time to post as yet is a part of my early training under Master McKenna that focused on the basics of standing, sitting, walking, and talking within various protocols. He likes a kind of precision in these things.

I had written this up months ago, but never posted it. I thought it was boring to read. But now, in the active experience of this weekend, it makes more practical sense. I’ll see if I can find it for posting.

The long and the short of it is that this weekend I have focused a lot on these basics and the precision Master desires from me. I think I have done okay in these fundamental behaviors.

More later, perhaps, time permitting.