my archetype

About a week ago I happened upon the blog of Dr. Damon Ashworth — He writes about personality archetypes — twelve common character traits. Which three are your primary archetypes?

I knew this was one of many personality tests that seem to proliferate online. But I took it anyway. It’s short, so it’s not much of a commitment. I found my results interesting. Here they are:

39% Caregiver: Friendly, sincere, and compassionate, the Caregiver finds their reward in helping others. No one could ask for a better best friend.

38% Creative: The Creative appreciates all beautiful things, in art and daily life. The creative act is essential to who they are.

23% Spiritual: The Spiritual seeks a deeper meaning. For them, the journey of faith is never-ending. Thoughtful and compassionate, they have a strong sense of moral obligation.

So, two things about the results stand out to me.

First, caregiving is not something I think about as “me.” I’ve really not had many experiences in my life taking care of people who were sick or in need. Perhaps my mom years ago after my father died. But this has not been primary in my life.

Then it occurred to me that maybe my life as a submissive and slave is a form of caregiving. I can almost hear guffaws and sarcasm from some out there — “You could maybe do a little taking care of this sexual need I seem to have….” And yes, I do that sort of caretaking and caregiving, and quite a lot — no need for me to be shy about my sexual servitude. It’s true.

But is that what my archetype is coming from? Well, yes, I’m kind of thinking so. Though, to me, it seems broader than “helping out” someone’s sexual urges — giving blowjobs and being used sexually for someone’s release.

For one thing, I think my slave life is a lot about taking care of my Master, in those sexual ways but also in daily practicalities and just general life matters. I think of myself as a lubricant (that’s the right word for this, and I can’t avoid the obvious comments) for Master, smoothing out the edges of his life and making his home spaces warm and easy and fluid. Likewise, I feel those things when I’m shared with others. I felt that way Sunday when I was shared, to a limited degree, with Mr. Davis. And I wanted to be pleasure and grace to him. It mattered to me how I might be a help and care-giver to him, even if it was through his visual enjoyment of my body and touches and kisses.

Perhaps in my slavery I can be therapeutic in some way to people. And maybe that’s what this test is surfacing.

So in all of that, me being a caregiver archetype, surprising as it is, actually makes some sense.

Second, the Spiritual archetype is not surprising to me, but it may be so to others reading my blog so far. In fact, I consider myself a very spiritual person. And not just in a universalist way. I believe in God, I adhere to a certain faith practice, and I even go to church. I know this seems at odds with my life and sexuality and slavery, but it’s not so inconsistent to me. I will write about that another time. But I think most people make a false assumption that sexuality and spirituality are opposites.

Long and short, this test turned out to prompt some self-reflection. Thought it might be a way of sharing some part of me here with readers, followers.

What are your three primary archetypes and what do you learn from them?


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