notes to a younger me 14: objectification

When you enter the submissive life, some of your experience at the hand of your dominant will include being treated as a thing not a person.

Any submissive relationship to a dominant is self-denying, of course, but the experience of being objectified goes deeper — it’s submission on steroids.

It’s important that you understand and deal with this inside yourself.

Being objectified most often involves the sexual objectification of your body and sex by your master. Common as it is for women in vanilla life, as a slave, your sexual objectification is part of your function and purpose, and will likely be a constant experience with your master. Your sexual objectification as a slave will be overt and obvious. You may even be flesh-revealed to strangers who will, of course, imagine you being with them sexually.

Another form of objectification is more literal — you may be made to assume the properties of an actual object such as a table or footstool. I once was almost made into a working floor lamp, complete with electrical wiring and bulb, by a friend of my master’s who developed an actual blueprint. There was to be a wood platform on which I’d stand in heels, a lampshade covering my head down to my shoulders. I was to wear a short skirt but be topless, my breasts bared. Thankfully, my master vetoed the idea, which probably saved me from electrocution!

A different kind of objectification is “virtual” — the treatment of you as a nameless and common object, one that is set aside, or put in storage, such as a closet or a cage.

When I first started in the life, I had an early experience of this: I was told by my Master Michael to sit in the corner of the laundry room. It was not a punishment, simply an order, and I obeyed. What I assumed would be a short time turned into an hour and then another hour. Meanwhile Master Michael went about his business, walking through the laundry room, between the house and the backyard, all the while paying no attention to me “stored away.”

Of course, it was for me a conditioning — I was treated as a possession “stored on the shelf” for a morning. It affected me deeply and put me in subspace. It made me feel I was a tub of laundry detergent awaiting the next wash.

Much of your life will not be this way, of course. You will always be more than a commodity to your owner. But, yes, he will create these objectifying experiences for you, in part for his pleasure and in part for your training, conditioning, and maintenance. It puts you in your place, literally.

My advice for you is just to be prepared for times like these. Nothing will diminish their effect on you, but just knowing objectifications will happen will help you understand the circumstance.

Do not doubt yourself in these times. Accept your place.

One thought on “notes to a younger me 14: objectification

  1. Another great post, shae! I love considering some of the topics you pose. Even though I have no experience as a slave, much of what you write really strikes a chord with my submissive self. For example…as you wrote, being a submissive means there is a lot of self-denying happening. I often have to remind myself that this is not about me…it is about meeting his needs for control. The byproduct is that my need to be put in a submissive mindset and to serve is met, but that only happens when he sees fit. It often feels one-sided, out of balance…but that really is the beauty of it. Thank you for sharing! XOXO

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