Mr. Diaz and Ms. Knox

On Sunday, Mistress Amanda scheduled a visit with one of the neighbor couples she will be sharing me with — Robert Diaz and Stacy Knox.

It felt a bit strange.

Mr. Diaz and Ms. Knox are unmarried partners living together, both in their forties, I would guess. He has just changed jobs, and I’m unclear what his new position is, but I think he’s in financial management. She is an executive in a tech company and carries a bearing of authority. The two of them haven’t usually been able to attend our afternoon teas because of their work schedules, but they have been at one or another of our backyard parties and have watched me in a few of my bay window showings.

This afternoon visit was for the purpose of the two of them talking with Amanda about their upcoming time with me and how they wish to enjoy me.

Mistress had instructed me ahead of time to speak only when spoken to, and I believe she had also coached them beforehand on how to conduct the conversation with me present — mostly a matter of cordially ignoring me and engaging with Amanda instead. This is the third-person treatment I am rather used to, but is notable here in that Amanda is teaching our vanilla neighbors in the art of marginalizing a submissive, namely me.

They greeted me warmly when they came in (I addressed them formally — “Mr.” and “Ms.”) but as we all sat down in the living room, they turned to Amanda, who became their focus for the next hour.

I am more than copacetic sitting silently in docile submissiveness, and so none of that was the strange part.

There were pleasantries, of course, and updates on their recent vacation in Hawaii. I became aware that Amanda had, in my months away, befriended them at a deeper level than I myself knew them. And to me they were even more unknown than some of our other neighbors, due to their busy work schedules.

Stacy soon said, “So, we’re looking forward to our date with Shae.” The conversation shifted to that.

I might insert here that I find people attractive based less on physical looks than on a kind of dominant bearing. Even a person with the most ordinary physique makes me flushed and wet when they have a flogger in hand and clearly intend to tame me with it. While it remains to be seen how these neighbor-sharings will work within me, the idea is that the submissive situation of being gifted to neighbors will endow them with some “dominant right” and therefore render them dominantly attractive to me. For me beauty is in the eye of being beholden to another.

Ms. Knox is tall, blonde, sinewy, and quite naturally attractive, and Mr. Diaz is well-toned with a workout profile. With or without a dominant vibe, these are attractive people at face value and not unappealing to imagine spending a night with. These are superficial things, for sure, but they matter at a certain level when talking about desire.

Additionally, Ms. Knox. slender as she is, has an angular face and a sharp cut to her hair, a look of trendy mod, a touch of severity even, which I imagine she cultivates for work. Mr. Diaz sports a tightly trimmed goatee, which somehow makes him feel more authoritative to me. Again, these are trivial to mention in the context of everything but still are subtle suggestions of dominant appearance prompting my submissive responses to a couple that soon will be milking pleasure from me.

They and Amanda settled in to talk about their intended night with me in their bed. I was struck by how frank they were with Amanda about themselves sexually. It was as if they had done this before, which I’m pretty sure they haven’t, not this this, but perhaps they are otherwise more adventurous and open than I had assumed.

Previously, while I was in PA, they had mentioned to Amanda they were thinking they’d make this a girl-girl encounter between Stacy and me — while Robert watched. In the visit Sunday, they restated that same wish. “I am bisexually inclined,” Stacy said, “and Robert has a corresponding interest.”

Robert added, “I have an interest in watching Stacy with another woman. We thought, before we enjoyed Shae in other ways on future occasions, this would be a good place to start.”

“Of course,” Amanda replied, with a smile.

I noted they spoke in terms of “interests” not “fantasies,” and I imagined they are the kind of power couple who doesn’t just nurture dreams but makes them happen. I also noted that they and Amanda are talking about having me in some kind of ongoing sexual future. This will be just the beginning.

Amanda went on to reiterate some stipulations she had apparently discussed with them before, about certain limits and a prohibition on use of whips and floggers and such. “Over time,” she said to them, “if you have interest in those things, we can talk about that.” (I sensed she was repeating these restrictions in their presence for my sake.) “But you can slap her lightly, if you wish, only open-handed, and one of her secrets is she loves to be spanked.” (So much for it being a secret. Besides, “loves” is not the right word, as Amanda well knows: to me, being spanked is shaming and horrible and extraordinary and orgasmic at the same time.) Amanda loves talking with people about me at an intimate level, here in the same terms as if she were lending them her car and sharing secrets of its operation.

I am aware that some of this was staged for me. The three of them had discussed these same things before. Mr. Diaz and Ms. Knox did not need ahead of time to commit to how they will have me night of April 14, nor tell Amanda, nor say it in front of me. But they offered this anyway, prompted by Amanda, so they all could see my submissive blush and squirm as they made me the object of their sexuality.

That was the part that felt strange. Not saying it was off-putting or problematic to me, but it was, well, different. You see, this was a business meeting — for the purpose of explaining how these two neighbors will fuck me.

Sometimes in this life you find yourself in a circumstance that you cannot imagine happening to anyone anywhere.

Perhaps it fits the style of the Mr. and Ms., perhaps it fits their natural panache of corporate authority. In this, they did feel dominating to me, and maybe that was the point — to establish their dominance and my submission going into the experience we will have together.

If so, I have to say, it kind of worked.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Diaz and Ms. Knox

  1. I enjoyed this so much that I forwarded it to Mrs. Dave. I have long joked that pools, boats and horses are always best when they belong to somebody else who allows you to enjoy them from time to time. I’ll add full-time, live-in slaves to this list too.

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      1. She told me that it sounded like the perfect arrangement from the standpoint that all typical moments of awkwardness had been worked out in advance. There was clarity on expectations and boundaries from the start. Best of all, when it reached a point where any hard work had to be done, the slave could be sent back to her owner.

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    1. “the slave could be sent back to her owner…” sort of like that grandparents-as-babysitter thing — they enjoy the toddler for an evening but get to go home and leave them behind with parents…. you doms can use us slave girls until you’re tired of us, then you can send us back… Mrs. Dave is rather smart about these things…

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      1. On several occasions we’ve discussed the idea of “alternative” relationships (i.e. D/s or polyamory) and how we’d approach them. I think the obstacle for us both is that they don’t come with an on/off switch. As such, they require a full-time commitment and the participants don’t get to opt out just because they’re not feeling it at a particular moment. The other obstacle is that the participants must have the strength to adopt a “you don’t like how I live, well f*ck you” attitude towards friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and everybody else who may become a witness. Granted, there must be a lovely freedom associated with that life, but you have to be willing to accept that there are some people who will never be able to accept your choices.

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  2. The first week back in the desired lifestyle is done. The first neighbors to enjoy you have been at the briefing with you present. How does it feel to be back with Mistress Amanda and Denver.

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